Baku Marshals Club organizes a meeting for senior F1 marshals


Baku Marshals Club organized its next meeting for senior marshals.

The members of Baku Marshals Club, operating under Baku City Circuit Operations Company, have gathered together and discussed the last race results, marshal training programs, as well as the latest changes in the 2022 Formula 1 season. Around 100 senior marshals attended the meeting. 

It is worth highlighting that the training programs conducted for the “Race Officials” in 2016 by international senior marshals have largely been conducted by local senior marshals since 2017. The training and communication structure put in place for marshals throughout the last six years greatly contributes to the organization of the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. 

The number of marshals taking part in the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix held on June 10-12 this year will be 1400 which includes 100 international marshals. 

Baku Marshals Club was established in 2016 to develop communication and coordination and build strong relationship among Marshals.