Baku City Circuit Operations Company hosts party for vulnerable children
04 November 2017
More than 60 vulnerable children took part in the party organized at Baku City Circuit’s Academy.

The main purpose of this event was to support children who are deprived of parental care and contribute to their welfare.

BCC’s Head of Human Resources and Workforce, Irana Ahmedova, invited people to support vulnerable children: “Baku City Circuit is always ready to contribute to charity events. This is one of the values of our company. Today, we have invited these beautiful children to our academy to show them that they are not alone and we love and take care of them.

As you know, BCC Academy plays a key role in personal and professional development of youth. Children are our future and we do our best to help them become a good citizen of our country.

BCC will continue to launch social campaigns in the future and I would like to invite everybody to contribute to child welfare by joining these events”.