Marshals APPLYConditions Policies Registration and Recruitment FAQ Marshals play an important role in the organization and delivery of Formula 1 races all over the world. Marshals are also known as Race Officials in the world of Formula 1. They play particularly vital role in ensuring the safety of every Formula 1 driver racing on track, and providing administrative support for entire Marshals team. Marshalling is a kind of hobby; by becoming a Marshal at different races, people have fun time, enjoy an opportunity to watch the competition from track-side locations and become an integral part of the event. Despite being a newly developed concept, Baku Marshals Club founded by Baku City Circuit Operations Company is supporting all marshalling activities, including events, interviews and trainings, while at the same time helping build cooperative relationships with the many international Marshals Clubs operating around the world today. Depending on the duties they carry out, marshals are divided into the following groups: Sector Marshals The track is divided up into Sectors by imaginary lines and each sector is placed under the control of a Sector Marshal and one or two deputies. Sector Marshals are the senior officials in their area of the track and have been delegated the responsibility for all the activities in their Sector. Track Marshals These are the general marshals around the circuit based at each control post. The Track Marshal is the one of the most versatile officials within the officials team. They have a number of duties, such as entering the track and clearing debris off the track, pushing cars in trouble and cleaning up after an accident. This job requires good work acumen, teamwork skills, stamina, and experience. Flag Marshals Flag Marshals are officials appointed to each Marshal Post around the track to give flag signals to Race competitors in accordance with FIA regulations. Their main roles are to communicate with the driver by flagging, to warn the driver of any danger ahead, and to stay on post during incidents to protect and ensure the safety of other Marshals by advising of danger on track. Digital Flag Marshals Digital Flag Marshals are positioned at different posts around the circuit and do the same job as regular Flag Marshals; the only difference is using display instead of actual flag. Start and Finish Marshals Start and Finish Marshals control the start and finish of races by the display of chequered flags, electronic minute boards etc. They are also responsible for the showing of various flags signals (e.g. Black flags, mechanical flags, etc.) on the Start/Finish line. Fire and Rescue Marshals These are specially trained Fire and Rescue personnel with extensive experience in Fire and Rescue, through the motor sport activities or their backgrounds as professional or civil firefighters. They are responsible for tackling any fire or rescue incident during the event. Medical Marshals This service consists of medical personnel (doctors, paramedics, nurses etc.); equipment and vehicles providing a service for immediate track response, transportation of casualties, a Medical Centre and communications and pre-arranged specialist hospital facilities. Scrutineering Marshals These Scrutineers are responsible for checking all cars each day, as well as for examining any car involved in accidents for safety and eligibility. Pit and Grid Marshals These marshals set up the starting grid before each event. They are also responsible for controlling vehicles and people in the Pit Lane during the event. Track Clearance (Recovery Marshals) These are the tow truck teams and their assistants. Their responsibilities include recovering the dead or immobile cars from around the circuit after each session or during the event. Communication Marshals (or Observers) These Marshals are more known as Communicators or Observers. They are appointed at each Marshal post. They observe all happenings around the circuit and report it to Race Control over a specific communications channel. Boundary Riders The primary role of a Boundary Rider is to assist race drivers who have been stranded around the circuit, and to get back to the pits without delay. Logistics and Marshals Welfare These are marshals who look after the welfare of all marshals during the event. They are responsible for distribution of all food and drink, equipment, stationary, radios and clothing of all marshals prior and during the event. THE RACE STARTS WITH YOU! Our Facebook page (012) 404 13 83 Baku Marshals Club