Baku Marshals Club organizes a large-scale simulation training


Baku Marshals Club, operating under Baku City Circuit Operations Company (BCC) held a pre-race large-scale training for marshals and BCC staff on May 14.

The main objective of the training is testing race operations and action plan in emergency situations, taking preventative measures against possible risks and enhancing the expertise of participants in taking pro active steps during races.

The training, organized in Baku Marshals Club located in European Games Park (EGP) consisted of theoretical and practical sessions. Participants got the chance to learn about crucial points of managing Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, strategical and technical regulations of the current F1 season.

During the practical session, marshals tested their technical skills real-time on the simulation race track specifically designed for this training.

At the end of the training, Azerbaijan Automobile Federation (AAF) organized a mini drift show with Volkicar automobiles and mini race simulations.


The next Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix will take place on June 10-12 this year. 1400 marshals are expected to join the Baku race.