Registration of volunteers for 2019 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix starts


Baku City Circuit Operations Company (BCCOC) has started registration of volunteers for the 2019 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix to be held on April 26th – 28th 2019.

BCC plans to involve 3000 volunteers for the organizational tasks of the fourth successive Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Candidates are required to have knowledge in foreign languages in order to participate in the volunteer program. Because of the high number of applicants, the best candidates will be preferred during the selection. Each volunteer passing the interview successfully will be directed to one of the following tasks: human resources, workforce, media operations, spectator services, city operations, marshals club operations, administrative operations, airport operations, etc.

For Baku City Circuit Academy, professional development of volunteers is as important as their preparation for the race time. The upcoming volunteer program promises the candidates a number of trainings aimed at developing personal and professional skills necessary for career growth, seminars, and conversation clubs in various topics. Volunteers participating in the trainings covering different areas will have the chance to gain new knowledge and exchange their ideas with other members. Moreover, the program plans to organize some other events to enhance team spirit and develop teamwork skills. All these mentioned events will create an environment that will help the volunteers socialize and find new friends. In short, we are particularly interested in developing volunteers’ ability to work in different fields while they enjoy doing what they’re assigned to do.

Those who have reached the age of 16, who have a sufficient level of English language (the candidates having knowledge of additional foreign languages will be preferred) and those who can work under pressure with strong enthusiasm and persistence can apply to the volunteer program of 2019 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

If you consider yourself to be suitable for the volunteer position, you can sign up on the link below:


For more information about the volunteer program, please contact: +994 12 404 13 83

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