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Tickets and Re-entry policy
There are two ways of securing your ticket for the 2018 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: 1) in person from Ticket Sales Points at local Box Offices in Baku and 2) online via the website.
  • All Vouchers/Purchase Confirmations have to be exchanged for hard copy tickets. The location of the voucher/ticket exchange points and their opening hours will be announced closer to the race weekend through our official website, newsletters and via our social media platforms.
  • You have to present a valid ticket on each day of the Race at the entrance. Each ticket is valid for 1 day only. Please ensure you have the right ticket for each day.
  • ONLY a 4-day ticket (Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday) gives you access to the Entertainment Area and After-Race concerts on all days as well as the Public Pit Lane Walk on the Thursday.
  • A one or two-day ticket gives you access to the Entertainment Area and the concerts taking place on the relevant days but DOES NOT include access to the Public Pit Lane Walk on Thursday.
  • Children under the age of 2 will be admitted without a ticket, provided that they remain in the arms of their parents or guardians and do not occupy a separate seat.
  • All spectators under 18 (eighteen) years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18+) spectator with a valid ticket and government issued ID or Passport.
  • All discounted tickets in the Local Adult, International Junior and Local Junior (for spectators aged 2 to 16 years) price categories require the holder to provide an official government issued ID or Passport at the entrance to prove their eligibility.
  • For more detailed info about all tickets (categories & prices) please visit the Grandstands Section on our website.
Golden Circle:
  • Baku City Circuit is offering fans one of the most exciting live music line ups by any F1 Grand Prix promoter in recent memory. Million-selling global artists Jamiroquai, Christina Aguilera and Dua Lipa will be performing on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April respectively in Baku’s stunning Crystal Hall after the on-track action has ended.
  • In addition, each of these major acts will be followed by three incredible after-parties with superstar DJ’s Afrojack (Friday) and Martin Solveig (Sunday) hitting the decks once the main concerts have finished.
  • For those wishing to get as near as possible to these amazing performers, you can purchase a special ‘Golden Circle’ wristband as a unique add-on to your existing Grand Prix ticket.
  • The Golden Circle pass will provide you with the best position in the Crystal Hall, right by the main stage, to enjoy all of these incredible acts live, up close and in person.
  • You can purchase your special wristband to enable access the Golden Circle for the nightly concerts online via the official Baku City Circuit website - – as well as at designated Ticket Outlets located in Baku.
  • Please note that it is obligatory for you to present your Voucher as well as to bring a valid personal ID (Identity card/Passport) to present at the Information Desk inside the Crystal Hall to collect your Golden Circle wristband. You can also buy the Golden Circle wristband directly at the Crystal Hall.
  • Please be aware that Golden Circle is an add-on product to your ticket and cannot be purchased/used separately.
  • Please make sure you have your and your child/children’s Passport / ID with you. You might be asked to provide these upon request at the Entrance Gates.
  • Please be aware that you will undergo “airport style” security screening at the entrance. Please allow adequate time for your journey.
  • Please wear your ticket at all times while you are in the Entertainment Area.
  • It’s never late to get a ticket if you wish for a friend or family member to come and enjoy the race with you. We will have Ticket Box Offices located in front of each entrance gate.
  • Additionally, our tickets are on sale at different locations in the city where you can also exchange your voucher for the hard copy ticket:
Location Address
1 Park Bulvar Mall 92 Neftchiler ave., Baku, Azerbaijan 10:00 - 22:00
2 28 Mall 45 Azadlig ave., Baku, Azerbaijan 10:00 - 22:00
3 Port Baku Mall 151 Neftchilar Ave, Baku 10:00 - 22:00
4 ASAN 2 (AMAY) Alfred Nobel str. 23, Xətai
5 ASAN 3 ASAN, Abbas Mirza Sharifzade str. 157, Yasamal
6 Ganjlik Mall 38 F. Khoyski, Ganjlik mst. Baku, Azerbaijan 10:00 - 22:00
7 Heydar Aliyev Palace Bul-Bul ave.35., Bakı 11:00 - 19:00
8 Kiosk 1 (Azerbaijan Cinema) Intersection of Rasulzade and Aziz Aliyev str. 12:00 - 21:00
9 Kiosk 2 (Continental) Nizami str. 95 11:00 - 19:00
10 Kiosk 3 (Government House) Uzeyir Hajibeyli str. 69 10:00 - 18:00
Re-entry policy:
Re-entry to the Entertainment Zone
  • When entering the Entertainment Area with a valid ticket our staff representative will fix a wristband on your wrist.
  • The wristband must be worn at all times and becomes immediately void upon removal. Please do not take it off. You will need the wristband along with your valid ticket in order to re-enter the Entertainment Area on the same day should you leave it at any stage.
Re-entry to the Crystal Hall
  • At the entrance to the Crystal Hall for the post-race concerts our staff representative will put a stamp on your hand once you present your valid ticket. You will have to show the stamp and your valid ticket in order to gain re-entry to the Crystal Hall should you leave it at any stage during the evening.
Recommendations and prohibited items
What to bring:
  • Pack light, bring the essentials only – money, your phone, a spare battery for your camera, etc.
  • If you are worried about rain, bring an umbrella but please note that on grandstands umbrellas can only be used if it starts raining heavily. Alternatively, rain coats and umbrellas are available for sale at official Baku City Circuit merchandise stores located in the Entertainment Area.
  • A wide variety of food and beverages will also be on sale throughout the Entertainment Area.
  • And of course, do not forget your ticket for each specific day and valid ID for yourself and your children.
Prohibited items:
  • Items which may be used to damage or deface property - or any part of the circuit and surrounding areas - as well as hinder, obstruct or interrupt the race adversely, affect public safety as well as any goods or tickets for the purpose of commercial distribution and any dangerous goods are all prohibited by law.
  • Anyone entering the Entertainment Area will be subject to an inspection/search. Refusal may result in NO admission without a refund.
  • Please note that you are not allowed to bring certain items into the Entertainment Area. This list of prohibited items includes but is not limited to:
    • alcohol
    • beverage containers (except for one clear plastic bottle of water: no more than 100 ml in size)
    • food (excluding baby food)
    • animals (except for service animals)
    • weapons of any kind
    • fireworks & laser lights
    • musical instruments & sound devices
    • video capable devices (for professional use)
    • photo cameras with lenses exceeding 30 cm
    • any seating devices (chairs, stools)
    • any large articles (which cannot be placed under a seat)
    • drones
    • bicycles
    • scooters (except for kids’ scooters)
    • flags with handles exceeding 1m or with offensive texts/symbols/images
    • picnic hampers
    • toxic and flammable substances
    • drugs without prescription and any device that has the potential to cause injury, damage to the Entertainment Area or be a public nuisance.
  • All equipment brought into the Entertainment Area should not be for commercial purposes but purely for personal use.
  • Cameras with lenses exceeding 30 cm in length are prohibited to bring into the Entertainment Area.
  • The enjoyment of other spectators should not be impeded by anyone and we therefore urge spectators with photographic equipment to show consideration to others at all times.
  • There are plenty of locations where you can find that perfect shot – go out and explore the Entertainment Area and Baku City Circuit!
Arriving at the Entertainment Area
  • Visitor Gates will open at 12:00 on Thursday 26th April and 10:00 on Friday 27th April, Saturday 28th April and Sunday 29th April and close at 21:00 on Thursday and 22:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please always ensure that you come with the correct ticket for the corresponding day.
  • Upon arrival please have your ticket ready for inspection. If you are carrying a bag, please note that all bags will be searched for security purposes. Please carry your ticket on you at all times
  • Tip: We suggest that you travel light in order to clear the gates without delay – we recommend leaving your bag at home unless it’s absolutely necessary to bring it
  • All spectators, including children, must have a valid ticket and ID. If you have a discounted ticket - for local citizens and/or children aged 2-16 - we will need to verify your eligibility by checking your ID.
  • Ticket Box Offices are located outside each Gate. Do not buy tickets from touts as these tickets may have already been voided or be counterfeits.
  • Please note that your tickets provide access to all Venue zones and will state the recommended Gate for you to use to enter the Entertainment Area in order to prevent long queues at the various entrances.
  • Please click here to study the map with info on all Gates to the Entertainment Zones.
  • Children are welcome in the Entertainment Area, however please do pay special attention to their needs. Please prepare them for big crowds, (relatively) long distances to walk, loud sounds as well as the hustle and bustle of a large-scale event.
  • Earplugs as well as adult-sized rain coats are available for sale at official Baku City Circuit merchandise stores located throughout the Entertainment Area.
  • Baby buggies as well as scooters for children can be brought into the Entertainment Area but cannot be used on the grandstands. Please approach the nearest Info Point where you can store your baby strollers and scooters.
  • If your child is lost, please report this to the nearest Info Point, Security representative or any BCC staff in the Entertainment Area.
  • The “F1 Fan”/Purple Zone, Blue Zone and Red Zone each have two Info Points close to the Visitor Gates, except for the Green Zone (Icheri Sheher) and Crystal Concert Hall which only have one Info Point.
Smoking and littering:
  • It is prohibited to smoke on grandstands including in corporate boxes, general-admission podiums and indoor areas (cafes, bars etc.)
  • Please bin your trash. Let’s keep the Entertainment Area clean.
Watching the race:
  • Grandstand ticketholders: You will have a great view of the track from your seat, as well as of the super screens set up right by the grandstands. For the benefit of all spectators, please do not use tripods, monopods or tablet devices on the grandstand. Umbrellas must also remain closed unless it starts raining heavily.
  • Roaming/General Admission ticketholders: Some of the best racing action can be viewed from the special podiums (elevated trackside platforms) in the F1/Purple, Blue and Red Zones, that will be strategically located around the track.
Tip: Carefully study the Entertainment Area map - which you can get at all Info Points - and discover the best spots to watch the racing from each day!
  • There are 9 grandstands located along the entire Entertainment Area.
  • The Main Grandstand is Absheron, situated in the F1 Fan/Purple Zone and provides fans with an excellent position to watch the adrenaline-fuelled start/finish of the race. A magnificent National Opening Ceremony will also take place right in front of this grandstand.
  • The Blue Zone has 3 grandstands: Bulvar, Sahil and Khazar.
  • The Red Zone has 4 grandstands: Muhgam, Giz Galasi, Azneft and Philarmoniya.
  • The Green Zone has 1 grandstand: "Icheri Sheher".
  • Should you have a problem with your grandstand seat or if somebody has occupied your place or the screen on the grandstand doesn’t work then please approach the nearest member of the grandstand staff for help.
  • For exact locations of the grandstands, please click here
Movement in the Entertainment Area:
  • The Entertainment Area is divided into 4 zones: F1 Fan/Purple, Blue, Red and Green Zones. The Crystal Hall Arena (Yellow Zone) for the nightly concerts is a separate zone adjacent to Flag Square which is located further along the coastal boulevard. The F1 Fan/Purple Zone (the biggest one) as well as the Blue and Red Zones are also located on the seaside boulevard while the Green Zone (the smallest one) covers the Icheri Sheher grandstand by the Old Town as well as a small Entertainment Area nearby. For the exact locations of each zone please click here.
  • The Entertainment Area covers an area of approximately 64 football fields. The distance along the Coastal Boulevard, which covers the F1 Fan/Purple Zone, Blue Zone and Red Zone is about 2 km (as measured from the Absheron Grandstand to the Yacht Club). The distance from the Red Zone to Baku Crystal Hall is approximately 3 km. A walk from the F1 Fan/Purple Zone (Absheron Grandstand) to Baku Crystal Hall (Main Concert Arena) is equal to 5 km. As an alternative to walking, regular shuttle buses will be made available for all ticket holding fans to reach the Baku Crystal Hall from the circuit.
  • Please note that there are no physical separations between the zones, i.e. you can walk from one zone to another and enjoy the entertainment activities in each one. For faster and more efficient movement within the larger F1 Fan/Purple & Blue and Red Zones you will be able to use special small trains that will be operating there.
  • Info Points will be located throughout the Entertainment Areas to help you navigate each zone more easily. Spectator (including map) and city guides (available in Azerbaijani, Russian and English) will also be distributed at all gates and Info Points.
  • Look out for signage and large format maps throughout the Entertainment Area to help you navigate your surroundings more easily.
Tip: Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and GO EXPLORE!
Track activities
Activities on track:
  • Driver Autograph Sessions: Get close to your F1 heroes at the 2018 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend during the hugely popular Driver Autograph Sessions. Get an autograph, take a selfie and shake the hand of your favourite #StreetF1ghter throughout the weekend. The signing sessions will take place on the main F1 stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Q&A Sessions: We want to bring Baku City Circuit guests a powerful and informative learning experience through a series of engaging live Q&A sessions with key personnel in the world of F1. These sessions are often the only time during the weekend dedicated to audience interaction with motorsport stars and F1 figures on the main Stage.
  • Pit Lane Walk: Every person who has purchased a 4-day ticket is invited to attend the 4-Day Ticket Holder Pit Lane Walk on 26th April. The 4-Day Ticket Pit Lane Walk leads guests from the Start-Finish line by the main grandstand through to the pit lane and back into the F1 Village. This is a unique chance to visit the inner sanctum of F1 and witness the teams working on their cars as they make their final preparations in the garages ahead of the Grand Prix weekend.
  • Drivers’ Parade: The Drivers’ Parade is a lap around the Baku City Circuit taken by all the F1 drivers - usually on a single vehicle - where they can greet all the F1 fans that have come to cheer them on before the race starts. The Driver’s Parade will take place on 29th April, approximately an hour before the race starts and is certainly an experience not to be missed.
  • National Anthem: The National Anthem Ceremony is always a proud moment for everyone associated with the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix as it pays tribute to Azerbaijan, as well all the countries involved in this grand event. Political and F1 dignitaries, as well as all the drivers, will line up before the start of the race on April 29th as the Azerbaijani national anthem is played in full as a mark of respect to the country hosting this major event.
  • Podium Ceremony (Track Invasion): The Podium Ceremony takes place after the race is finished on Sunday when the top three drivers celebrate their success in front of their adoring fans. Ahead of the ceremony, the track gates in Zone 1 will open for spectators to come closer to the podium and ‘invade’ the track to cheer on the winning driver(s)! Entrance to the track is available from F1 Fan/Purple Zone.
  • Track Tours: On Friday and Saturday, after completion of the main events on-track, a special shuttle bus services will be activated for ticketholders wishing to get a tour of the whole track. The schedule of operations for these shuttles can be found below:
    • Thursday: 19:00 – 24:00 – start time depending on completion of the Pit Lane Walk
    • Friday: 19:00 – 04:00 (next day)
    • Saturday: 19:00 – 04:00 (next day)
    Vehicle: IVECO Crealis, Capacity: 75 – 100 PAX
Concerts/Crystal Hall
Main concerts:
  • Baku City Circuit is offering fans one of the most exciting live music line ups by any F1 Grand Prix promoter in recent memory. Million-selling global artists Jamiroquai, Christina Aguilera and Dua Lipa will be performing on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April respectively in Baku’s stunning Crystal Hall – adjacent to Flag Square - after the on-track action has ended.
  • In addition, each of these major acts will be followed by three incredible after-parties with superstar DJ’s Afrojack (Friday), Axwell /\ Ingrosso (Saturday) and Martin Solveig (Sunday) hitting the decks once the main concerts have finished.
  • The approximate start time for the warm up acts to come on stage is scheduled for 20.00, with the main artists coming on at 21.00 and finishing around 23.00. From 23:00 until 03:00 the aforementioned superstar DJ’s and local DJ’s will keep the party going long into the night.
  • All ticket holders are guaranteed access to the concerts and after party DJ sets. Please ensure you keep your tickets and wristbands on you at all times.
  • The concert arena has seated and standing areas (fan zones). If you have a ticket for the Absheron Grandstand to watch the race then you will have dedicated seat in the concert arena.
Arriving at Baku Crystal Hall:
The walking distance from the furthest edge of the F1 Entertainment Area located along the Boulevard to the Crystal Hall is approximately 5km. You can take a shuttle bus, ferry or walk to the Concert Arena.
Spectator Shuttle Service from Baku City Circuit to/from the Crystal Hall via Bus
  • For ticketholders who would prefer not to walk, regular shuttle buses will be made available each day after the on-track action has finished to bring them to the Crystal Hall.
  • The schedule of operations for these shuttles can be found below:
    Transfers from BCC to Crystal Hall:
    • 19:00 – 21:00
    Vehicle: IVECO Crealis
    Transfers from Crystal Hall to BCC:
    • 23:00 – 04:00
    Vehicle: IVECO Crealis
  • The pick-up location inside the circuit is located in front of the Giz Galasi Grandstands (see the map).
Spectator Shuttle Service from the Boulevard Entertainment Area to / from Crystal Hall via Ferry
  • In addition to the shuttle bus service, there will also be a Ferry service from the Boulevard Entertainment Area laid on for all ticketholders to/from the Crystal Hall as per the below schedule:
    Arrival & Disembarkation at Crystal Hall Wharf
    Departure and Transit to Crystal Hall
    Arrival & Disembarkation at Crystal Hall Wharf
    Departure and Transit back to Boulevard Wharf
    Boarding & Embarkation at Boulevard Wharf
    Departure and Transit to Crystal Hall
    Arrival & Disembarkation at Crystal Hall Wharf
    Departure and Transit back to Boulevard Wharf
    Boarding & Embarkation at Boulevard Wharf
    Departure and Transit to Crystal Hall
    Arrival & Disembarkation at Crystal Hall wharf
    Departure and Transit back to Boulevard wharf

    The ferry boarding point is located by Zone 1.

    Vessel: ‘Mirvari’

    IMPORTANT: Smoking and e-cigarettes are not allowed on the vessel. All smoking materials must be extinguished before boarding the vessel. No smoking is allowed within 25 meters of entry to the ferry wharf.
Food and Beverage:
  • There are Food & Beverage courts throughout the Fan Zone where you can enjoy both delicious regional foods and popular international fast foods (i.e. kababs, pizzas, hotdogs, shawarma, soft drinks, ice-cream etc.).
  • There are also restaurants on site offering you a rich selection of Azerbaijani national cuisine, as well as bars serving alcohol located across the Fan Zone.
  • Please see the map for the exact locations of F&B kiosks, restaurants and bars.
  • Payment is possible in cash and in most places also with credit cards.
  • Operating hours:
    • 26th of April 12:00 – 21:00 (F1 Fan Zone only)
    • 27 - 29 April 10:00 – 22:00 (All Zones)
    • Crystal Hall: 27 – 29th of April 19:00 – 03:00
Money and currency:
  • The national Currency is the Azerbaijani Manat.
  • 1 USD is approximately equal to 1.70 AZN depending on the currency exchange rate.
  • The nearest ATM/cash machines are located in the Park Bulvar Shopping Centre (ground floor, and - 1 parking level).
  • The nearest Currency Exchange point is also in Park Bulvar (ground floor), ASB Bank and Gunay Bank in Nizami Street (the latter close to the Green Zone, Icheri Sheher).
  • Payment is possible by cash (money) or by credit/debit card through POS machine in all F&B kiosks, Alcohol Bars, Merchandise Stores, and Restaurants.
BCC Official Merchandise:
  • Visit the official Merchandise stores located in each area of the Fan Zone to purchase Baku City Circuit items including apparel and souvenirs.
  • Please note that you can also purchase earplugs and rain coats in the Merchandise stores.
  • Payment is possible by cash (money) or by credit/debit card.
  • The operating hours of the official merchandise stores are 10:00-22:00 each day throughout the race weekend.
Medical and Safety
Disability/Wheelchair Access and Facilities:
  • Spectators in wheelchairs who purchase a wheelchair accessible seat, will get an additional ticket for their companion. Please, note that the companion can’t enter the Venue alone, but only together with spectator in a wheelchair.
  • You can access the Venue from the F1 Fan/Purple Zone and Red Zone using the Vehicle Screening Areas. Unfortunately, there is no security equipment at the pedestrian gates to check wheelchairs chairs thoroughly. Therefore, you will be invited to access the Venue through the gates behind the Sea Port (F1 Fan/Purple Zone) or/and in front of the Yacht Club (Red Zone).
  • Should you require assistance getting around please visit your closest Info Point to find out about our Mobility Impaired Transport Service.
  • Please note that golf carts are not to be used for the general transportation of spectators but only for those with disabilities.
  • Spectators using wheelchairs as well as those with mobility issues will be able to enjoy the race from the Absheron Grandstand Section E (F1 Fan/Purple Zone) and Azneft Grandstand (Red Zone) in comfort and with a great view.
  • Specially trained staff will be on-hand to assist any visitors with disabilities at the Grandstands.
  • There are several Wheelchair Accessible restrooms located within the Entertainment Area in the F1 Fan/Purple, Blue and Red Zones.
  • For spectators with mobility issues that do not require a wheelchair, please consider the distances involved when getting to the Entertainment Area.
  • There are wheelchairs available for loan near all Info Points. You should leave either a deposit or your ID for a wheelchair loan.
Medical and First Aid:
  • Medical Clinics are located throughout the Fan Zones. Their locations are indicated on the map.
  • If you are unwell please proceed to the nearest Medical Clinic or ask a member of the BCC on-the-ground staff to call a doctor for you.
  • Watch or read up on local news and weather reports before visiting the circuit and make sure you know where you are going at all times – always plan ahead and be prepared. Make sure to visit for important information or any updates regarding the race weekend before you set off.
  • Be mindful at all times of where you carrying your valuables (wallet, money, credit/debit cards, purse, and cell phone).
  • If you are going with a group, we advise that you set a meeting point in case you become separated at any stage during the weekend. Arrange specific times to check in on each other to avoid any major issues.
  • The days are long at an F1 race weekend, with so much to see and do. Make sure you memorize or write down important numbers, so when your phone dies, you can still get in contact with your group if separated. Please note, Info Points staff can also help you to recharge your phone.
  • Avoid crowds where overly intoxicated people gather. If someone’s had too much drink or is being aggressive, don’t be afraid to notify a Security or Police Officer.
  • Stay calm and do not panic in case of an emergency signal or announcement.
  • Listen to information about the situation and operational procedures on a continuing basis.
  • Study the location of entrance and exit gates closely on the map beforehand.
  • Get familiarized with the Emergency Assembly Points within the Fan Zone which will be used during emergency situations. Please note that emergency accesses are usually different from entry Gates. Follow the instructions given by staff and security in uniforms.
  • In the case of an evacuation, always use the route established by the rescue services or shown by the security team. Do not try to take a short cut – you could put yourself and your family in danger in doing so.
NOTE: Get familiarized with the Emergency Assembly Points within the Fan Zone which will be used during emergency situations. Please note that emergency accesses are usually different from entry Gates. Follow the instructions given by staff and security in uniforms.
Lost and Found:
  • If you have lost any items during the day, please check at the Info Points.
  • Please report any lost and found items to the nearest Information Point. We will contact you to collect the lost items as soon as they are found.
  • If your child is lost, please report this to the nearest Info Point, security representative or any staff in the Fan Zone.
  • In case you found a discarded or lost item within the Entertainment Area, please also approach the nearest Info Point.