Marshals play an important role in organizing races around the world they are known as «Race Officials» in the world of Formula 1.
“I’m very honoured to once again be a small part of an amazing and huge team of Marshals”
Stephen Lang, Scrutineering Marshal at 2017 Formula 1 Azerbaijan GP
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A City Circuit Like No Other
As a Marshal, you will have the privilege to enjoy and watch the racing action from the best location right by track-side and become an important part of this major event.
Set the Tonel
Depending on which specific duties they perform, Marshals are divided into the following groups:
  • Marshals (Sector)
    Responsible for all activities within their sector.
  • Marshals (Track)
    Open the track, remove any garbage from the road and debris from damaged cars as well as clean the accident site.
  • Marshals (Communications)
    Observe everything happening on-track and report accidents immediately to race control.
  • Marshals (Flag)
    Alert drivers about any given situation on the road or any danger ahead.
  • Marshals (Digital Flag)
    Do the same job as ordinary marshals. The only difference is the use of a display instead of a real flag.
  • Marshals (Start and Finish)
    Responsible for displaying different signals with flags at the start / finish line.
  • Marshals (Medics)
    Warn drivers about any abnormal situations on the road or any danger ahead.
  • Marshals (Firefighters and Rescuers)
    Are responsible for fire safety during the event.
  • Marshals (Pits and lattices)
    Help establish the starting grid and are responsible for drivers and anyone else in the pit lane.
  • Marshals (Restoration)
    Recover crashed cars from around the circuit.
  • Marshals (Tech.)
    Check on cars that were involved in accidents, confirm if they are able to continue the race.
  • Marshals (Borders)
    Assist drivers on-track, as well as in returning to the garages.
  • Marshals (Welfare)
    Distribute food products, equipment, stationary devices, radios and clothes to all marshals.
What do you need
to become a Marshal?
Any and every F1 fan can become a Marshal. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to start — just a huge passion for motorsports and a responsible work ethic, as safety is the key element of marshaling.