Another contribution to environmental protection from Baku City Circuit


BCC employees prefer to have a no-car commute day on Fridays

Baku City Circuit Operations Company (BCC) continues its actions toward environmental protection within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Since 2019, by switching to Green policy and initiating a number of environmental projects, BCC is taking on another great initiative to make its small contribution to reducing the environmental impact in the form of carbon waste. On Fridays of the week, the company's employees refuse to use their private cars, and promote the use of public transport or walking instead. By doing so, the company also promotes a healthy lifestyle by taking on this environmental initiative.

Following the primary goals of Formula 1’s Net Zero Carbon initiative by 2030, the main idea behind these projects is to protect the environment, reduce negative impact, and promote recycling, as well as recycling initiatives in the field of motorsports. Baku City Circuit intends to stay committed to the principles of sustainable development along the way.

Being a part of Formula 1's Net Zero Carbon initiative by 2030, these projects aim to protect the environment and minimize external aggressors, promote recycling, and environmental initiatives in motorsport in general.