Baku Marshal Club Starts Training for Local Marshals


The Baku Marshal Club, operating under the Baku City Circuit Operating Company, has commenced training for local marshals starting May 4, 2024.

The aim of these trainings is to manage potential emergencies during races, and to test the reality of operational and mutual activity plans. Additionally, the trainings are designed to enhance the skills needed to prevent dangerous situations and to solve emerging problems flexibly.

The training, held at the Baku Marshal Center located in the European Games Park, consists of theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical section, marshals are taught management techniques for the Formula 1 Qatar Airways Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2024 and the innovations of the current season. In the practical section, marshals apply the skills they have learned on a specially prepared simulation track.

This training is part of the preparation for the upcoming Formula 1 Qatar Airways Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2024, scheduled for September 13-15. The race is expected to involve the participation of 1,470 marshals.