Local Souvenir Competition for Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Launched


Baku City Circuit (BCC) has launched a competition for local handicrafts and souvenir makers dedicated to the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2020 as part of its celebrations around the 5th successive F1 race being staged in Baku next June 5th-7th

The principal reasoning behind organizing this competition is to support local handicrafts and souvenir makers and to encourage them to design memorable souvenirs reflecting Azerbaijan’s recent motorsport successes. In turn, BCC will assist the winning participants to sell their products during the race weekend taking place in the nation’s capital next summer.

Any local souvenir and handicrafts maker aged 18 and over can participate in the competition which is being staged as part of BCC’s commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, which places emphasis on providing assistance to individual entrepreneurs and small business entities. Participation is free and participants may submit more than one handmade souvenir.

Nigar Arpardarai, Head of the Marketing and Communications Department at BCC, spoke earlier about how this competition will boost the local handicrafts and souvenir makers’ businesses: “Each year, we’re trying to make it possible for local entrepreneurs to fully benefit from the business opportunities brought to the city by the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. For this very reason, we are launching the local souvenir and handicrafts competition. We believe that distinctive handicrafts and souvenirs will be created as a direct result of the competition, thereby  contributing to the sustainable development of this important under-supported field and also ensuring that beautiful pieces of memorabilia will be available for visitors to the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2020 to purchase and take home with them next June 5th – 7th.”

The competition will run between December 9th , 2019 and January 31st, 2020. All applications must be entered during this time.

Those wishing to participate in the competition should fill in the application form and send it to [email protected] together with a photo of the handicraft or souvenir. To obtain the application form, you will need to send us an e-mail to the above address.

There will be 5 winners chosen and they will be given the opportunity to sell their handicrafts at the official BCC shop in the F1 Vending Zone during the race weekend. In addition, a certificate will be provided to each participant.