Construction works continue around Baku City Circuit


Baku City Circuit Operations Company has started the construction and installation works around the track area as a part of the overall preparation for the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2022, taking place in Baku.

“We are very excited to be back in the grandstands and on the track. Baku City Circuit (BCC) staff are committed to making this race memorable one more time. We hope that the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix this year will thrill the fans with its unexpected turns and exciting results,” said Tom Butcher, Head of Venue Delivery & Facilities Management at Baku City Circuit.

He also mentioned that the construction work around roads is expected be finalized a few days before the start of the race. Tom Butcher: “The track will be fully operational after the International Automobile Federation (FIA) conducts its final inspections. We have also kicked off the structural and installation works in the paddock area.”

Additionally, to ensure the safety of local citizens and drivers during the race, the installation of concrete blocks is implemented at nighttime. Construction work is set to begin at the intersection of Khagani Street and Bulbul Avenue and will cover the entire race track.

Unlike last year, this year the Baku race will be organized with the fans present. Therefore, the installation of grandstands has already begun along the National Seaside Park. 

Baku City Circuit Operations Company thanks the local citizens for their support and understanding throughout the construction and installation activities.